Everything about Delhivery Ltd.

Delhivery is India's biggest and swiftest growing fully integrated player. They want to create the operating system for commerce through a mix of world-class infrastructure, top-notch logistical operations, and cutting-edge engineering and technological skills. Delhivery is dedicated to preserving the privacy, reliability, and accessibility of the organization's physical and electronic information assets. They ensure that contractual, operational, and regulatory obligations are met.

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About The Company

Delhivery, a modern logistics and supply chain startup, became a public company before submitting its draught prospectus to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). To list on stock markets, this is a necessary criterion. Delhivery Private Ltd has changed to Delhivery Ltd, according to regulatory filings obtained through the business intelligence portal Tofler.

Delivery of express parcels and large products, PTL and TL freight, warehousing, supply chain solutions, cross-border Express, freight services, and supply chain software are just a few of the logistics services that Delhivery Ltd. offers. The business also provides value-added services including fraud detection, payment collecting and processing, installation and assembly, and return services for online purchases. 

There are 2 Signatories and 11 Directors connected to the organization. Amit Agarwal is the Chief Financial Officer and Sunil Kumar Bansal is the Company Secretary for Delhivery Limited. Currently serving as directors are Kapil Bharati, Aruna Sundararajan, Sahil Barua, and 8 other members.

The Mission of the Company

Their mission is to make it possible for clients to run cost-effective, flexible, dependable, and resilient supply chains. A diverse group of over 29200 active clients, including e-commerce marketplaces, direct-to-consumer e-tailers, businesses, and SMEs, received supply chain solutions from them. These clients came from a variety of industries, including FMCG, consumer durables, consumer electronics, lifestyle, retail, automotive, and manufacturing.

This is accomplished through superior logistics network engineering and infrastructure, a wide network of domestic and international partners, and sizeable investments in automation, all of which are managed by their own self-developed logistics operating system, which drives network synergies within and across their services and improves their value proposition to customers.

Services of Delhivery Ltd.


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Over 18000 pin codes in India are serviced by their rapid parcel delivery network. It is capable of handling same-day and next-day delivery for consignments up to 10 kilos, as well as 48-96 hour long-distance deliveries. Additionally, they provide a heavy goods service that includes the storage and transportation of bulky items including white goods, sporting goods, and big electrical items, all with the assistance of our enormous pan-Indian network



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At affordable prices, Delhivery offers PTL freight services targeted at the B2B express market. Their offerings are created to satisfy nationwide normal as well as seasonal needs. Customers' freight needs are met at reasonable costs by utilizing both their own fleet and network of professional truckload partners across all of India. The common linehaul operations that they have with the express parcel company are the foundation of their service. They can provide PTL freight customers with turnaround times that are comparable to those in e-commerce and direct access to our entire network thanks to our shared network.


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Through a centralized bidding and matching engine, Their truckload freight brokerage platform, "Orion," links shippers with fleet owners and providers of truckload capacity across the nation. Axle-registered agents and fleet owners may submit bids for these tasks through their internal application. Loads are then matched to capacity depending on cost and level of service. Additionally, they bought Roadpiper Technologies Private Limited, a digital freight broker with load-matching, pricing, and fleet owner apps. 


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Door-to-door and port-to-port express package services, as well as air cargo to and from India, are offered as part of the cross-border offering. The business is driven by its international shipping service, "Starfleet," which employs a "string of pearls" strategy to integrate international networks and aircraft into a single platform and give shippers a single-window view of international express and freight shipping. To broaden their reach across important foreign markets, they have forged a reciprocal connection with FedEx


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In-depth data science and business intelligence skills are combined with the power of our warehouse and transportation operations, infrastructure, network, and technology to create E2E supply chain solutions. Because of this, they can offer thorough, integrated multi-channel order fulfillment solutions that enhance the accuracy, quickness, and cost-effectiveness of their clients' supply chains. Additionally, they bought Primaseller Inc. to help omnichannel retailers and direct-to-consumer.

Unique Selling Proposition of the Company

Their company was performing well, and one of their investors encouraged them to get into the e-commerce area. They concluded that if they can handle meal delivery, why not delve into the e-commerce business and deliver parcels as well?

They saw something their competitors did not: standard delivery and e-commerce delivery are extremely different, and the e-commerce sector delivery has a tremendous scope. That is how they transitioned from hyperlocal to the e-commerce industry.

Its key selling point is that it is a relay-based transportation system that refers to its drivers as "pilots" rather than "truck drivers." Blackbuck is a technology-based firm that provides third-party logistics services to other businesses as well as an online marketplace for online transactions.

Partner of the Company

As part of their strategy, they enable network partners, such as franchisees, retail partners, and delivery agents, to onboard their physical assets and resources and participate in their platform, therefore extending their logistical ecosystem. They collaborate with more than 6000 suppliers and network partners that offer truckload capacity, pickup, and delivery services. Their technological platforms help their network partners, enabling them to expand their businesses by providing a variety of Delhivery services in their catchment regions.

Finance of the company

  • Delhivery has raised $1.4 billion in investment across 13 rounds. Their most recent funding came from a Series I rounded on September 6, 2021. 

  • NSE: DELHIVERY is the ticker symbol for Delhivery. In their May 24, 2022, IPO, their shares opened at 495.00. 

  • 15 investors have contributed to the funding of Delhivery. The most recent investors are Addition and FedEx. Six investments have been undertaken by Delhivery.

  • Falcon Autotech raised its most recent investment on January 5, 2022. Rocketbox was the only egress from Delhivery. 

  • Delhivery has bought three companies. Transition Robotics was their most recent purchase, which occurred on December 8, 2021.

Expansion/ Losses faced by the company

Delhivery Limited announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, on May 30. Revenue increased by 63 percent year on year (YoY) to Rs.7,241 crores in FY22, up from Rs. 4,450 crores the previous year, according to the country's largest fully integrated logistics provider

Underlying reported revenue increased by 89 percent from 3,647 crores in FY21 to 6,882 crores in FY22. With adjusted EBITDA of Rs. 72 Crore and Adjusted Funds Profit After Tax( PAT) of Rs. In FY22, the organization achieved full operational profitability of 212 crores.

Delhivery remains highly well-capitalized, with Rs. 2,512 crore in cash and investments as of March 31, 2022, enhanced by Rs. 3,846 crores in net IPO proceeds generated in May 2022.


E-commerce businesses may get logistics solutions from Delhivery Limited. The company provides vendor-to-customer shipping, payment collection, and processing, transit warehousing, last-mile delivery, technology integration, and specialized and reverse logistics solutions. Customers in India are served by Delhivery Limited. 

Delhivery is willing to invest significant sums in creating freight infrastructure as part of its future plans. Additionally, it plans to invest a staggering 300 crores to significantly increase the size of its fleet.

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