Things you should know before buying Parking Tiles

It might be risky to use typical flooring solutions for the parking lots. These convention floors lack the sturdiness and sustainability needed for outdoor parking tiles since they are designed for general use. Parking tiles, on the other hand, are more affordable and useful for car parking lots. 

For instance, parking floor tiles eliminate the need for expensive upkeep and costs associated with the inconveniences of painting and resealing as compared to asphalt. Parking floor tiles also last longer than gravel, which eventually sinks under the weight of vehicles and puts them at risk of colliding with the pavement or being trapped in the substance. Parking tiles come in ceramic and vitrified varieties, two of the world's toughest materials.

Types of Parking Tiles

  1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are essentially like ceramic tiles, however, they go under intense pressure during construction to provide durability and increased strength. Imagine that ceramic tiles remained in and binge-watched online series and porcelain tiles went to the gym and worked out. Since porcelain tiles are non-skid, parking lots are the ideal place for them. Porcelain tiles may be the answer to your search for fashionable and colorful tiles.

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There is a large variety of colors, patterns, and designs for these tiles. They are a well-liked option in the industry because they are regarded to be budget-friendly. Due to their high level of toughness, these tiles can withstand being struck by items that are heavy or sharp without being harmed. The cracking is quite rare and controlled when it does occur. Porcelain tiles can technically be referred to as all-weather. These tiles provide simple installation, a variety of styles and textures, cost-effectiveness, and little maintenance as compared to tiles like natural and vitrified.

  1. Vitrified Tiles

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The strength and durability of vitrified tiles are immense. They offer the utmost strength and resistance to the parking area. There is no need to polish these tiles after installation because they are already polished during production. However, there is a rather small selection of styles and colors available for vitrified tiles, which limits your options. These tiles require practically little ongoing upkeep. In terms of size, shape, and thickness, they are uniform. They are skid-free by nature, have excellent scratch and stain resistance, and are simple and hassle-free to install. Additionally, people choose vitrified tiles because they give any space a classic and elegant appearance.

Parking Tiles Size

The size of any tile is one of the primary determining criteria. There are three sizes of parking tile available:

  • 300×300 mm (12×12 inch)

  • 400×400 mm (16×16 inch)

  • 600×600 mm (24×24 inch)

Parking Tiles Price

Since more than 98% of tiles are produced in Morbi, Gujarat, India, the price of car parking tiles depends on where you choose to purchase them. Therefore the more away from Morbi, you choose to purchase, the more expensive they will be. India has a wide variety of producers, therefore parking tile prices vary widely around the country. The size and quality of the parking tile can affect the pricing. In India, the price of parking tiles per square foot ranges from 180 INR  to 350 INR. The kind of parking tile you desire will also affect how much it costs. For instance, 12x12 Ordinary parking tiles are less expensive than 12x12 Digital parking tiles.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying Parking Tiles 

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is really simple. Once laid, tiles may be simply maintained to extend their lifespan. The sealer that connects two tiles may be readily changed every three to four years and then strengthened again to endure for another three to four years, making maintenance simple.

simple to clean, tiles never require special cleaning since they do not collect dust or grime. A wet mop or a vacuum cleaner may simply remove the minimal amount of debris, which can then be dusted. You may easily clean your tiles on your own with this method.

  • Increase your home’s value

If you want the appearance of hardwood but would prefer less upkeep, pick ceramic wood tile over real hardwood. Natural stone floor tiles, including marble, granite, and travertine, are the finest if you want a luxurious and high-quality material for your house. 

Your home will look more beautiful with stone floors. Utilize tiles to establish a warm atmosphere that makes your house appear inviting and feel like a home. The entryway is the first place that guests notice when they enter your home, making it the ideal location for tile flooring to make a lasting impression. Porcelain tiles can be used to tile walls, floors, and porches.

  • Installation Time and Cost

Tiles are inexpensive. Installing outdoor parking tiles in your house could be the ideal choice for you if money is an issue. Ceramic tiles are far more affordable than hardwood and hard flooring, and their installation is also a lot less expensive. The cost-effectiveness is increased by the fact that they endure longer as well.

  • Durability

Tiles should ideally be weather-resistant, stain-resistant, and simple to clean. Overall, it ought to require little upkeep. Unless your only goal is to make the location appear fancy, any form of outside tiles, whether you are searching for stair tiles, pool tiles, or car parking tiles, should be quite durable. You may have attractive, long-lasting tiles, but you must first decide what is most important to you.

  • Slip-resistant and Weatherproof Tiles

Tiles used outside are subjected to a range of severe weather conditions. To avoid any safety issues, you should also make sure they are anti-slippery. When making a purchase, the quality of the tiles should come first. You should be careful while choosing outdoor parking tiles during the rainy season since they can quickly shatter and crack. ceramic or vitrified, are extremely non-porous and water-resistant parking floor tiles. This will prevent any water from leaking through the tiles during periods of torrential rain or hail, which typically leads to water puddles on floor surfaces. Low-lying lounge chairs and other furniture may become damaged by such an accumulation of water puddles, which can also make them slippery.

  • Colour and texture

Numerous colors and textures are offered in tiles. If style is what matters to you the most, putting lovely and designer tiles in your home will not only make you happy but will also make your neighbors envious. Tiles come in a range of forms, sizes, and styles. Explore the parking tiles catalog to choose the ideal colored and textured tile for your home.

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Consider the aesthetics of the area when you choose the tile color. The parking lot should have a pleasing overall appearance that harmonizes with all other elements in the area. Everything should be in harmony, from the lighting to the tile color on the walls.


Before selecting and installing parking tiles, all of the aforementioned recommendations must be taken into account. You might speak to your interior designer or one of our tile specialists if you are unfamiliar with the procedures. Spending intelligently on your parking tiles is essential if you want to reduce the need for ongoing renovations and updates and stay safe. When picking the tiles, factors like quality, coating, style, and notably the area surrounding your parking spot are crucial.

When settling for a parking tile, ensure you are well-informed, have your facts checked, and your requirements clear as crystal. To read about the Bedroom wall tile designs, follow the link below:

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