Tips for parents on how to baby-proof their home

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As we all know, the home is the primary source of information where newborns develop and are taught the fundamental notions of survival. Children's childhood adventures should be trouble-free, and kid safety at home should become necessary! Some newborns are exposed to hazardous settings, which might severely influence their upbringing.

Tips for Parents to Baby-Proof House

Constantly lock or secure the Bathrooms

Some caution states that "the restroom is a major location where damage can occur." Even only a few inches of water can cause a child to drown.

Your young child will eventually learn how to use the door knob to open doors. Then it becomes more challenging to prevent them from entering prohibited areas.

Utilizing door knob covers is advised by the National Safety Council to stop this issue before it even arises.

Be familiar with crib safety

It is also seen that injuries to children under the age of five involving cribs and crib mattresses resulted in the emergency room, as cribs and crib mattresses are a significant reason for infant death

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Use Germ-free Tiles

Germ-free tiles are made with an antibacterial coating that fights germs and kills 99% of them on contact. Make your house safer by installing germ-free floor tiles. Germ-free tiles are handy in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, which can be wet for extended periods and are prone to germ infestation. These tiles are also suitable for use on walls. Babies usually crawl on the floors and are in contact with the germs on the feet, which makes them sick, so germ-free tiles should be preferred to avoid diseases from the floors and walls.

Observe for heavy things in and around the house

As newborns begin to move, roll, and play on the floor more frequently. So a general advises parents to get down on the ground with their infants at this developmental stage.

A child dies from a television tipping over every three weeks, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit group that seeks to prevent preventable accidents in infants and kids. Additionally, over the past ten years, a youngster has gone to the hospital's emergency room around once every 45 minutes due to injuries brought on by a TV falling over.

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Recall considering window coverings

Because one child passes away per month after becoming tangled in a window-covering cord, it is advised to parents that checking the window coverings in their homes and replace corded window coverings with safer cordless or inaccessible cord options is mandatory.

Use Anti Skid Tiles

They have an anti-slip floor layer that maintains strong friction even when the surface is wet and soapy. This eliminates the chance of slippage. Anti-skid vitrified tiles are also suitable for outdoor use since they are resistant to grazing and blemish, lending a feeling of timelessness to the designs. This type of Tile is a good option for baby-proofing as this will prevent the babies from slipping on the floor and this will keep the babies from injuries.

Use gates to surround staircases

Wellard advises parents to exercise caution around stairwells by installing safety gates at the tops of the stairs or securing doors that lead to stairwells.

A semi-permanent gate screwed into place offers several advantages, including the fact that it won't collapse, that you can leave it open when not in use and the absence of a bottom bar to trip over.

Prevent access to cleaning and laundry supplies

Laundry pods were among the top five goods linked to pediatric poisoning episodes.

Get down on their level and observe what they might be taking a look at. You can't constantly be on alert since things can happen in a fraction of a second. Simply using common sense will help you avoid harm.

Provide a secure area where infants can play while you do your chores

It could be dangerous if babies crawl around on the floor while parents prepare dinner. The toys are perfect for keeping your child contained while you prepare dinner and keep them occupied, content, and safe. All the baby-pleasing features, like lights, sounds, and music, should be used to make them comfortable.

Use anti-slip tiles around the house to reduce accidents. Anti-slip tiles use specifically developed tiling material to minimize the danger of slipping and injury. Anti-slip qualities are frequently achieved by first texturing the tile with non-smooth surfaces.

Exercise caution when near electricity

The CPSC estimates that, between 2007 and 2009, 11 children between the ages of 1 and 19 died from electrocution per year on average.

Around the age of 15 months, children start to get obsessed with placing things inside of objects and sticking items into electrical outlets. Finding tight-fitting electrical outlet covers that a baby's little fingers cannot remove is advised for parents.

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Become familiar with the water heater and tiles in the Bathroom

Kids playing in bathrooms caused a lot of burns that we saw in the emergency room, but if the thermostat is set to less than 120 degrees, they can't do that. It's something simple that simply no one considers.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, most tap-water scald injuries and fatalities affect older people and kids under five.

Tiles can resist a hot, sudsy climate and clean up quickly. They complement radiant heating systems by efficiently transferring heat. Because of the inherently moist and humid circumstances connected with this part of the house, water resistance is an essential attribute in bathroom tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles have a protective covering that renders them water and stain-resistant.

Tiling the walls

Wall tiles can withstand inevitable stains and harsh cleanliness operations. There are a variety of solutions designed specifically for ceramic tiles. Still, unlike many other tile kinds, they do not require special or sensitive cleansers, making them ideal for low-cost and joyful upkeep. The house's walls should be tilled as baby-proofing because Flaky walls are something you may notice in your house. Such flaky grains may surely be chewed on or played with by kids.

Beware of corners

I urge parents to lie on the floor at eye level with their infant and gaze around. It helps people look at their house differently, and it's simpler to notice things that will appeal to a baby. Newborns may sometimes be attracted to sharp corners, so you get corner protectors for tables and other sharp corners.

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Keep your baby safe from your small garden

Because kids are prone to putting everything in their mouths, you should keep some plants out of your house because they are poisonous if eaten.


A home is a place where everyone seeks comfort and safety. Baby Proofing your house will protect the safety of people of all ages. Your children, who are still learning about life, deserve a pleasant atmosphere to help them have a safe and enjoyable childhood. Tiles can help you achieve this atmosphere. After all, this is the time during which newborns primarily learn and adapt. These Baby Proofing ideas will protect you and your child from various calamities. So follow these tips to Baby-Proof your house.

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