The Ultimate Guide to Drying Gel Nail Polish at Home: Everything You Need to Know

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Gel nail paint is a new approach to acrylics and nail paints. What is the distinction between gel and regular nail shine? The main distinction between gel and regular nail polish is that gel polish must be cured by UV or LED lamps. Gel nail polishes do not dry on their own. In summary, gel nail polish is a more durable and long-lasting option that requires a specific curing process, while regular nail polish is a more affordable and easily removable option that is available in a variety of finishes.

What are the perks of using gel nail polish?

  1. Before we go any further into drying gel nail paint, understand why this has become such a popular option. 

  1. Gel nail polish is simple to remove. 

  1. Although the procedure is odorless, fake nails may be very smelly when applied. 

  1. If you have tips underneath your nails, you can prolong them with gel nail polish. This is a natural and effective way of strengthening and encouraging the growth of your nails. 

  1. You won't have to worry about your nails smearing since gel nail paint cures swiftly under UV light, as we'll discuss further below. 

  1. Gel nail polish lasts three to four weeks before fading, flaking, or chipping. There are no scrapes or dings to worry about.

How to Dry Gel Nail Polish?

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Today, various nail paint varieties are available, with gel polish being one of the most popular. Gel polish comprises acrylic oligomers and monomers that link together when exposed to UV light. The curing procedure takes only a few seconds and transforms the gel into a chemical-resistant and durable covering. There are various colors and types of gel nail paint available nowadays, but you may be curious about how to dry gel nail polish.

  1. Gel nail polish dried with a UV drying lamp 

The initial base coat will take 60 to 90 seconds to dry using a UV dryer, and the topcoat will take 60 to 90 seconds to dry.

  1. Gel nail polish dried with an LED drying lamp

It will take around 30 seconds for the base coat and another 30 seconds for the topcoat to dry on gel paint nails.

How can LED or UV light sources set my gel polish?

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  1. UV Light

UV light is the primary component of both LED and UV light sources. This light starts drying and hardening your nails, leaving little to no smearing or chipping behind. UV rays are typically used to cure gel nail paint. The photoinitiators in the gel absorb the UV wavelengths that this light generates and then transform them into the energy needed to start the polymerization process. The gel sets firm and takes on the appearance of the recognized hard type of plastic covering when the molecules inside the gel are drawn to the light.

  1. LED Light

LED lights operate much the same, but an LED drier can start the drying process a bit faster because of their smaller and more intense wavelengths. The gel is cured by specific components of the LED more quickly than by UV radiation.

What Alternatives Exist to Dry Gel Nail Polish Other Than UV Lights?

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  1. Make a bath of ice water

Would you prefer not to use an LED lamp or UV light to cure our gel nail polish? The following option is an excellent fit for your freezer. All you have to do is put ice cubes and ice-cold water in a dish. After that, spend five minutes dipping your freshly painted nails in the ice bath. Don't dry the gel polish off after you are finished. Launder naturally to dry. The top coat could seem tough, but it won't fully solidify for a few more hours.

  1. Choose a Thinner Coat

This isn't precisely a method for curing gel, but it will surely help gel polish cure faster without UV or LED lighting. Use a thin coat of gel nail paint to cover your nail bed. Thin layers of polish will dry faster than well-gelled nails. Excessive use? Simply remove it with nail polish remover and restart. To avoid drying out your nails, use an acetone-free polish remover.

  1. Use UV-free gel polish

If you should avoid ultraviolet rays, use gel polishes that do not require UV light. The application form and drying processes are identical to regular nail polish. Apply the basics cover, then top coat and teeth whitening gel paint. Allow it to dry the same way as every other nail paint.

  1. Use cooking spray

Cooking spray is a valuable culinary item that you may use to apply gel nail paint without the need for UV or LED nail lamps. Simply liberally spray cooking spray onto your nails and let gel polish dry naturally to cure gel polish. Wipe off the spray after your gel polish has thoroughly dried. The best aspect is that this spray will dry and hydrate the skin and nails while curing your gel paint manicure. It's a win-win circumstance.

  1. Use a Nail Polish Spray that Dries Quickly

Quick-drying nail polish is another fantastic spray you could have on hand (mainly if you often paint your nails). Like the cooking-style spray, you should religiously apply this product to the nail bed. Because you don't want to wipe the gel polish off accidentally, air drying is recommended.

Use a fresh towel to dry the nails and surrounding skin when dried. If you don't want the product to touch your flesh, you can cover the remainder of your hands with a towel, newspaper, or other material.

Does skin damage from drying lamps?

You might wonder whether exposure to UV or LED drying methods will harm your skin. It makes sense to use any UV light-related equipment responsibly and to ensure that your exposure is kept to a minimum, just like other light waves. Do exercise caution when using UV kinds since prolonged or intensive usage may result in skin harm for people sensitive to UV.


Gel nails are quickly becoming fashionable in the nail business. They were an instant favorite when they appeared on the salon menu due to their longevity, shininess, and chip-free paint job. If you want a long-lasting manicure, you should try gel polish manicures. As a result, this article may be helpful to you in this situation. You may also like to read about the coffee benefits for the skin or you can also check our article about the soft skills you should have.

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